Zigbee gateway / concentrator

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Description des attentes

Context : 

Schneider Electric collaborates with major Hotels in order to provide efficient, safe and reliable energy solutions, building automation for a better customer experience.

Aim :

Our goal is to have a Zigbee Gateway that will allow us to connect/talk to any Zigbee device. That would be regardless of the Zigbee protocol:

  • Zigbee HA Pro, for our Schneider Zigbee sensors
  • Zigbee GreenPower for our Schneider meters
  • Proprietary protocol to connect to Assa Abloy Vingcard door lock, Kaba saflok door lock or Salto door lock.

The gateway will communicate back through Modbus TCP for connectivity to the Building Management System or directly to the Room Controllers.

Ideally, the gateway would be open so that we should be able to add ourselves new Zigbee devices available in the market.


1) In a hotel guest room, when the door opens, the Zigbee gateway can receive the signal and communicate back to the guest room controller in order for it to turn on the light

2) In a hotel guest room, the window opens, so the Zigbee contact sends a signal (reporting command) to the gateway which lets the guest room controller know in order to turn off the HVAC in the room

3) In a lobby or office, a zigbee lux sensor detects a lot of sun light, so sends a signal to the gateway that passes the information to the BMS to switch off some of the lighting by the windows

Device should be simple enough, and its only purpose is to be a gateway. We want to limit the scope as much as possible to limit final CSC of the product. 

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