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TechnipFMC is a global leader in subsea, onshore/offshore and surface projects in the Energy industry. We are looking for Proof of Concept (PoC) proposals of adapting new technology bricks to our sector or co-developments of new products.


TechnipFMC is a world leader in project execution for the Energy sector. For decades TechnipFMC has demonstrated its ability to successfully manage industrial projects of all types and sizes in all parts of the world, including pioneer projects in ultra-deep waters. Moreover, TechnipFMC runs several plants across the globe, manufacturing high value-added products such as flexible pipelines, subsea umbilicals, manifolds and subsea wellheads.

To maintain its operational excellence, TechnipFMC is looking for new solutions enabling to optimize, improve and potentially revise its manufacturing and offshore installation approaches. TechnipFMC especially interested in the following domains:

  • Innovative Factories and production lines equipment (e.g. cobotics)
  • Vessels installation equipment for loading, lifting, deploying, lowering (e.g. handling platform)
  • Methods and operation control/command (e.g. simulation, monitoring)

Expected technology domains are:

  • Automatics, mechatronics
  • Control/command, system engineering, master/slave
  • human–machine interface, computer vision, real-time 3D, augmented reality
  • Robotics, cobotics, tele-robotics


For more than 40 years, TechnipFMC has been a pioneer in the offshore industry, providing solutions enabling to access to always deeper reservoirs and in always more challenging environments. TechnipFMC is indeed at the edge of technologies such as flexible pipelines since the 70’s and more recently to trace heated pipelines. To enable TechnipFMC to go further and maintain its leadership, TechnipFMC is looking for expertise to explore and push materials capacities:

  • Improved Strength / weight (in water) ratio
  • Survivability in corrosive, highly constraints environments
  • Improved insulation and temperature resilience capacities
  • Stronger/lighter/more flexible/better flowing

Expected technology domains are:

  • Advanced material science
  • Advanced non-destructive inspection and control techniques
  • Assembly technologies (from glueing, brazing to welding and additive manufacturing / 3D printing)
  • Material forming, processing, micro machining


Subsea pipelines and umbilicals are not just conveyors of fluids and electricity. They are networks, conceived and designed as production aid systems for the oil field operator. TechnipFMC has developed and implemented systems such as models and sensors to improve fluid transportation efficiency, reducing risk for the operators and maximizing production.

To maintain its leadership, TechnipFMC is looking for expertise in:

  • Fluid behaviours (e.g. long distance transportation, unstable flow, multiphase flow, thermic)
  • Modelling approach on fluid separation, boosting and pumping technologies
  • In-situ equipment: micro-sampling and non-intrusive monitoring technologies
  • Live & real-time measurement, prediction versus simulation

Expected technology domains are:

  • Advanced non-intrusive measurements/inspection technologies (e.g. spectrometry, ultrasonic, magnetic, fibre optics, ray, mems)
  • Imaging, visualization, advanced modelling
  • Data fusion, predictive algorithms
  • Advanced fluid mechanics


TechnipFMC is developing for Oil and Gas operators, asset integrity management technologies and life of field services. With always smarter solutions, TechnipFMC’s aim to bring to its clients, more efficiency and reliability. Indeed, data acquisition and treatment enable more anticipation of any field interventions, by limiting preventive maintenance, thus enabling lower operating cost, while insuring more production and less operating risks.

To develop its offer, TechnipFMC is looking for expertise in:

  • The deployment of sensing technologies on all our subsea systems
  • Enable data acquisition and conditioning
  • Facilitating data treatment and interfacing
  • Deploy monitoring applicative for assets integrity and Client operational support

Expected technology domains are:

  • Statistical analysis, system engineering, reliability engineering
  • IT infrastructures and management system (data storage, transfer, databases, meta-databases…)
  • Miniaturised sensors, microsystems
  • Data transfer technologies & digital communication hardware
  • Energy harvesting

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